Architecture & Design Guidelines

Architecture & Design Guidelines

When the time arrives and you want to make some exterior changes and enhancements use the following information before making plans.

As amended by the Fox Point Homeowners Association Board on February 2019:

Throughout our 50+ year history, our Homeowners Association has had relatively few homeowner concerns as they relate to architectural matters. Therefore, our overall view is that our Homeowners Association as it relates to architecture requirements is functioning well. However, the Fox Point Board would like to clarify the requirements for all architecture related matters that have arisen over our 50+ year history. These requirements are shown below.

NOTE: Item listed with an asterisk (*) require a permit from the Village of Barrington before work can proceed.

Improvements Requiring
Application and FPHA Approval

  • Additions
  • Expanded Driveway*
  • New Deck*
  • New Patio*
  • New Terrace
  • Porch*
  • New Walkway*
  • Gazebo*
  • Permanent Basketball Hoop
  • Pergola*
  • Outdoor Fireplace/Pit*
  • Playground Equipment*
  • Changes to Drainage*
  • Non-continuous Landscaping
  • Hot Tub
  • Solar Panels

Improvements NOT Requiring Application and FPHA Approval

  • Trampoline
  • Temporary Ice Rink
  • Change of Energy Source for Yard Lantern
  • Replacement Driveways in original Footprint*
  • Replacement Walkway in original Footprint*
  • Replacement Patio in original Footprint*
  • Roof Replacement*
  • Gutter Replacement*
  • Siding Replacement*
  • Door Replacement*
  • Garage Doors*
  • Window Replacement*

Improvements Historically
NOT Approved 

  • Fences
  • Shed
  • Sport Court
  • Dog Run
  • Pools
Architecture Alteration Application Process
  • Contact Architecture Chairperson well in advance of your project.
  • Fill out the required forms and gather your neighbors’ signatures. All neighbors with a line-of-sight must sign the application. Remind neighbors that their signature is not an approval of the project, but rather an acknowledgement that they have been notified that an alteration is being requested. If they express any concerns with the project, please refer them to the Architecture Chairperson.
  • Submit the completed application along with detailed architectural plans by the first of the month. This will allow sufficient review time.
  • The appropriate parties will review the application.
  • Expect to have one or more Board members to visit the site.
  • The Board will review the application at our monthly meeting. You are welcome to attend the Board meeting and submit your plan.
  • The Board will send you written notice within one week of the meeting regarding your application. This notice should be submitted to the Village of Barrington for any required building permits.
  • If the Village of Barrington requires revisions to the drawings, new drawings must be submitted to the Fox
    Point Board of Directors.

Contact Person

Architecture Chairperson


Architectural Form

Submit the completed application along with detailed architectural plans by the first of the month. This will allow sufficient review time.