Lake Louise

Lake Louise

The 39-acre beautiful Lake Louise is a host to a number of activities enjoyed by residents of Fox Point. Residents enjoy the exclusive use of a healthy body of water to enjoy fishing, non-motorized boating and ice-skating within their neighborhood. The waters of Lake Louise, Flint Pond, and Flint Creek, within the confines of Fox Point, are for the exclusive use of its residents. Guests must be accompanied by a Fox Point resident at all times. The Association does not tolerate trespassers.

Lake Louise Rules
  • Sailboats larger than 300 pounds gross weight and carrying sail in excess of 100 square feet are considered unsafe for use on Lake Louise, and therefore are not allowed.
  • All boats operating on Fox Point waterways must be registered with the Lake Committee and must have displayed in the manner prescribed an identification decal as furnished by the Lake Committee.
  • Snowmobiles are not permitted on the waterways at any time.
  • During winter months, ice skating on Fox Point waterways is permitted at skater’s own risk. It is the responsibility of each interested family to determine the safety of the ice thickness. For the safety of ice skaters on the lake, ice boats on Lake Louise are prohibited.
  • Racing markers or buoys placed on the lake for that purpose are the property of the Association and shall not be disturbed.
  • All boaters not participating in Association- sponsored sailboat races shall stand clear of the race course when races are underway.
  • Rough-housing and intentional upsetting or collision with another boat is prohibited due to the potential dangers of operating boats on Lake Louise.
  • All boating on the lake shall conform to the Illinois Department of Conservation Regulation on boating for the safety of all boaters.
  • Fishing is limited to one line and one hook attended by each person. Read newsletters for information on which fish need to be released.
  • Swimming in the lake or pond is not encouraged and can be considered dangerous due to boat traffic and deep holes. Swimming will be at swimmer’s own risk.
  • Sail and oar powered boats belonging to residents are the only watercraft permitted on our waterways. 
  • No docks, piers or permanent rafts shall be installed on any waterway within Fox Point unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The Association provides for the maintenance and orderly development of the common grounds bordering our waterways including, but not necessarily limited to, the island and boat launch area of Lake Louise.
  • Each lakefront lot owner, at his own expense, shall maintain such part of his property which borders on the lake, pond or creek in a neat attractive condition at all times.
  • No sanitary sewage or effluent or pollutants such as paint, gasoline, etc. shall either directly or indirectly be introduced into the waters within or adjacent to Fox Point. Please note the street storm sewers and basement sump pumps discharge into our waters.
  • No rubbish, trash, refuse, landscaping debris or similar material shall be placed in or near any part of the waters within or adjacent to Fox Point.

Boat Rack Rules
  • All boats stored in the racks must be registered with Fox Point and have a  Fox Point boat sticker (name and phone # must be visible). Contact the Lake Committee before you attempt to self-store your boat.
  • Store all rowboats and canoes upside down. (This prevents large amounts of water from collecting in your boat)
  • All canoes need to be stored on upper rack spaces only and need to be pushed back in the racks. They should not stick out from the front of the racks more than a foot.
  • Boat owners can lock and chain their boat to the rack.
  • Remove your boat if you do not use it any longer.
  • Boats not identified or stored improperly will be removed and disposed of.

Fishing Etiquette and Rules
  • When fishing from land, near the boat docks,  use the bridge, not your neighbors’ private property.
  • Please follow the “Catch and Release” program when fishing, and do not remove any fish from our lake. Certain species can only be introduced to the lake through fish stocking. Besides, they’re even more fun to catch the second time around!
  • Fishing is limited to Fox Point residents and their guests. From time to time, unfamiliar non-residents will fish in our lake. Everyone’s assistance is requested to minimize these occurrences. Feel free to introduce yourself to people you don’t recognize since they might be new neighbors. If they are not, please remind them that Lake Louise is a private lake.

Lake Activities