Fox Point Annual Assessments

Homeowner Assessment


Annual Dues: $1,075.00

The Annual Assessment for the 2021 Calendar Year is payable no later than March 31, 2021. There are two ways to satisfy the annual obligation, check or online.


Paying Your Assessment By Check

Mail your check to:

Fox Point Homeowners Association

c/o Picker & Associates
750 Lake Cook Road, Suite 375
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089

Paying Your Assessment Online

Occasionally a homeowner desires to pay their dues online. To accommodate credit cards our accountant has enabled Fox Point to use their third-party facility. This facility accepts  MasterCard or Discover credit card. Third-party vendor charges apply:

2.95% of payment value, plus  

$9.95 service fee only when card information is phoned into the Third Party Vendor.

Establish an account.

  • Select a Property. Note the third-party vendor obviously has many Fox Point Accounts throughout the country. Choose the one with the Buffalo Grove Address ( Address of Fox Point’s accountant).
  • Enter your address. Enter your name. Note the third-party vendor carries only one name per household. If yours is a dual name household, it may be necessary to try both names.
  • Enter credit card information.

Paid Assessments Letter

If you are selling or refinancing your home and want a letter attesting to the fact that you are current on your annual Fox Point dues, please contact our accounting firm:

Picker & Associates
750 Lake Cook Road
Suite 375 
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089

Linda Smith
(847) 541-4000

There is a nominal fee for producing such letters.