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Fox Point News: Policies & Guidelines

The Fox Point News is Fox Point’s official newsletter. It is the primary tool for informing residents of discussions and decisions of the Fox Point Board and its committees. The newsletter is also used to announce matters of common interest to residents and to notify them of upcoming events and activities in Fox Point and the broader community. The Fox Point News and the website are the primary communication vehicles of the FPHA. The Next Door Neighbor Facility may be used to communicate urgent matters, requiring immediate attention and Classified Kids,(babysitting, pet walkers etc).

The Newsletter Committee is comprised of homeowner volunteers and oversees and publishes the Fox Point News. The committee comprises the editor, the assistant editor and the newsletter-oversight board member.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions to the newsletter must be approved by the Newsletter Committee. Submissions should be sent via the submission facility at no later than the 20th of the month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter.  

The editor will confirm by e-mail the receipt of reports and notices. Anyone not receiving such a confirmation should contact the editor directly to ensure the document was received. 

Clip art and photos may be submitted but will be included at the discretion of the Newsletter Committee. Although there is no specific limitation on the length of reports and notices, all submissions should be as brief as possible. 

Language should be bias free, and personal views and opinions should be avoided. There is no limitation on the frequency of publishing event notices, but including a notice in two or three issues of the newsletter prior to the date of the event is usually sufficient. The same applies for registration forms and sign-up sheets that are attached to the newsletter. Such forms will also be made available on the FPHA website for as long as needed.

The accuracy of information in a submission (including names, contact information, dates, calculations, and so forth) is the responsibility of the author or person making the submission. 

The following types of submissions will not be accepted for publication:

  • Those that are not submitted by or attributed to a Fox Point resident.
  • Those submitted by a business or commercial entity.
  • Those that express personal views or opinions.
  • Those that include biased, demeaning, derogatory, or slanderous language.



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